*SDSU SUMMER COURSE CREDIT 2011 - Year 2* - Susan Nickerson

This summer, you will have the opportunity to earn 2 credits. The registration information came directly from the registration office at SDSU, and they also included their phone number if you have any difficulties. You will need to do some math problems outside of class for a grade. The course will close the week after the summer session. You will need to get Susan Nickerson the math problems within a few days of the week ending. She will be more specific with you about due dates at the summer training. The registration window is open now and will close July 19th, which is during the week of our summer training. If you have any issues with the registration, please let me know since others may be having the same issue, and I may need to send out updated information to everybody.

Your registration schedule numbers and direct links are listed below. Students will need to enter the approval codes listed below for each course in order to register on line.

MATH 504A Registration Link Approval Code = VM504A Schedule # 11SU 77571 EH

MATH 504B Registration Link Approval Code = VM504B Schedule # 11SU 77582 EH

For registration inquiries or assistance, please contact the SDSU registration office directly at (619) 594-5152.

*SDSU Spring Course Credit 2012 - Year 2* - Nadine Bezuk

Developing Children’s Mathematical Understanding in the Upper Elementary Grades: Part Number, Operations, and Algebra