This link will take you to the SDSU page that is set up for the lessons from Summer Institutes

In addtion, this site also has the make-up summer sessions & videos.

Instructions for signing onto moodle.


New Info on how to access lessons from SDSU. 9/2011

Dear Project ALGEBRAIC Teachers,

We would like to welcome you to the new Project ALGEBRAIC website! http://www.projectalgebraic.com/forum/ This password protected site contains information from the lesson study, such as team information, discussion boards, lesson plans, reasons for revising plans, articles, and edited videos. We invite you to use the site and hope that it will be informative and useful for you. 

Directions for logging on:
To log on, please go here http://www.projectalgebraic.com/forum/wp-login.php?loggedout=true. Your username is the first letter of your first name, and then your whole last name. Example: Bridget Druken has a user name of bdruken. The password is the same as your username, which can be changed once you've signed on.

We are adding new information to the website each day so that you may have access to materials. If you haven't already submitted your Lesson 1 plan, along with debrief and reasons for revising the plans, please indicate your team name and send material to Kelli and Susan (kelli.wise@leusd.k12.ca.us, snickers@sciences.sdsu.edu). Kelli has been sending video files to SDSU. In order for us to accurately edit the videos, we read your reasons for revisions to target appropriate segments. Any other materials we receive, such as power points and worksheets, may also be uploaded to the Project ALGEBRAIC website. You can upload student work, podcasts, articles, media and comment on what happened when you taught the lesson in your classroom. You may comment at the bottom of your team's webpage, where it says, "Leave a reply". 

Some material from rounds 1 and 2 of last year are uploaded. We are in the process of collecting and finalizing what we have received from you last year. To see a sample of a fully uploaded Lesson Study round, please go to Fall 2010 Team 7B.

This website is fluid, and will be developed to meet your needs. Even when your round of Lesson Study is over, we hope you continue the conversation on your website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you,

Project ALGEBRAIC Website Team